Foot Petals
Wedding Day Collection - Tip Toes, Heavenly Heelz, & Pressure Points

This is the big day! Be armed and ready when you have the Foot Petals™ Wedding Day Collection kit in your arsenal!
  • SKU: 8552664
  • Footpetals™ products are made from PORON® performance urethanes, which help stop friction and prevent blisters and calluses from forming. Footpetals™ also protect bones and tissue while offering superior comfort.
  • All cushions are self-adhesive; simply peel and stick.
  • Package includes:
    Tip Toes® (1 pair) - ball-of-foot cushions to stop feet from sliding forward.
    Heavenly Heelz® (1 pair) - back-of-heel cushions that help keep heels from slipping in and out of shoes.
    Pressure Pointz® (3 pair) Add comfort to trouble spots in shoes.

  • Made in the U.S.A. and Imported.

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