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  • Recon Squash (Big Kid) Posted: Reviewer: from Utah Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    This backpack is smaller than I envisioned for a child size backpack. It has a practical style and a comfort fit. The color does not photo well. I ordered the blue which was more teal/ultraviolet (purplish blue). I will be returning due to size/color.
  • Marleen Satin Clutch Posted: Reviewer: Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    Great size, very elegant and you can put credit cards, money, make uo and even the cellphone inside of it.
  • Baguette Posted: Reviewer: from California Overall: 5 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    I usually like bigger bags but got this one on a whim thinking it would be nice for a date night with hubby. I was right! Just right for when I don't want to drag all my stuff out and only need a few essentials. Lightweight and petite! Super durable and doesn't show the dirt, but easy to clean up.
  • Cosette Satchel Posted: Reviewer: Overall: 3 Stars Comfort: 4 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    Alas, I really wanted to find the perfect bag... but this wasn't quite it. I'm in the market for a good everyday bag that can also hold a lot if I'm traveling. This does have lots of room and some nice pockets -- I didn't realize that next to that front one there are two zippered slash-style pockets that are very accessible and nice. The drawbacks: the strap isn't adjustable and it's not long enough to be a crossbody (I'm 5'4") and the handles are too short to use over your shoulder should you want to tuck it under your arm. If you load up those exterior pockets (like you know you will), the construction of the bag will make that front portion tend outward... which in turn makes the shoulder strap prone to slipping off your shoulder (also, for reference, I have very run-of-the-mill shoulders...). I also didn't feel that the bag had a very nice "lie" to it. Even though I put all my things in it, it was slouchy in some parts and structured in others in a way that I didn't find flattering. An odd combination. This might work for you if you are quite petite (regarding the crossbody issue) and like to stuff a jacket in your bag... I didn't hate it, but it just wasn't for me. Good luck to you!
  • Hologram Crossbody Clutch Posted: Reviewer: Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 4 Stars Look: 4 Stars
    Mine was a purple with subtle green patches on both sides - didn't look at all imbalanced, unlike the other reviewer's. It is small but easily will fit a large smartphone and a couple of small items. I don't like that the crossbody strap is iridescent on one side and black on the other, particularly since the rotating claw-clasps mean that the strap can constantly twist such that you have to pay attention to which side is out. I will probably keep it because I like the size, color, and wristlet feature.
  • Mindi Posted: Reviewer: from Chapel Hill, NC Overall: 4 Stars Comfort: 5 Stars Look: 5 Stars
    Gorgeous! It's almost the perfect cross body. I just wish it was slightly bigger so it could hold my iPad. Seems like purses are either huge, tiny, or not quite big enough for my iPad. I'm like the three little bears; I want my purse to be just right. I'll keep this one because it's a beauty and I love the clasp, but maybe if I wish hard enough, they'll make this exact bag a couple inches bigger, but identical otherwise.